Created by : Noor Aini

Every night I always dream you
in the dream I try to make you know
who I am
about me and about you
but, I can’t say it
say that I love you very much

When someone come you
I am so jealous with her
she can speak well
something and make you smile at her

I can only stare you
what are you happy!

Every day I always remember you
your sweet smile make my life shine
your face make my imagination better
you give me spirit to know what mean of life

Your smile is my smile too
your smile is very special for me
if you dream me, feel what I feel today
don’t feel my dislikeness at something

My heart is only for you
there aren’t anything that can succeed your heart
there aren’t you, my heart will broken
please smile for my heart
which has deranged many people

I know we’re different
we’re like sky and earth
we’re like water and fire
we’re like moon and sun
which may be never at one

But we’re still same
my smile is like your smile
my physical matter is like your physical matter
my nick name is like your nick name
something whom I have like something whom you has

You’ll be in my heart
You’ll save in my heart
You’ll be always in my dream
You’ll make my dream so beaty
You have changed darkness to shine in my heart

Thanks a lot…………………………..

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